Thonian Horde

by Thonian Horde

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I don't always listen to Metal...but when I do...
Its Thonian Horde..stay Metal my friends! Steve/ The Coach Favorite track: Destiny Forsaken.
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The first and self titled release of Maryland's Black & Roll quartet!


released July 22, 2016

Recorded, Engineered, and Produced Apr-July 2016
by Tim Otis and Thonian Horde Mastered by Matt Legrow
"From the ashes of angels" by Tarkem Cover art by Vincint Piazza
Thonian Horde Logo & Lyrics by R McGinnis
All songs by Thonian Horde
Thonain Horde is:
FeZZy- Bass & Vox
D-Mize-Lead Guitar
Tyler “The Beast” Lee Drums



all rights reserved


Thonian Horde Boonsboro, Maryland

rising up from the depths of the soiled earth. the ascension of low dwelling, underground creatures with a love for human flesh and rock and roll!
Dirty Waters -Guitar
DMize -Guitar
Tyler" the beast" Lee -Drums
Ron"Captn'FeZZy" -Bass & Vocals
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Track Name: Black Cloud
A lifelong disciple on argued terms
An entity continues to haunt me
No choice to discourage
This force of the bleak
It has its hooks inside me
Again and again it wreaks my will
As if its purpose to taunt me
I see no escape no light in the tunnel
A wicked sensation devouring
I now accept this force fed fate
The left hand path truth there awaits
The dark and light appear as one
The gray the night of the black sun
Again and again it wreaks my will
As if its purpose to taunt me
I see no escape no light in the tunnel
A wicked sensation surrounds me
A lifelong attempt it has been
This black cloud follows me
Now my fate scattered to the winds
Alone to suffer with sympathy for sin!
RM 2011
Track Name: Destiny Forsaken

Born into the lies of a blind man
Lacking talent for his own creation
Chaos within the walls of cosmos
Like fire trapped within clay
Condemned from the beginning
For ever to wallow in the depths
Subjugated to the norm
Revenge is divine select course of coldness
From my mind through your heart
Through early days of life
Discovery amoungst the shadow
Always shunned and cast aside
For the bigger better stronger
I've tried your way and you have lied
No longer a pawn to be forsaken
There will be but one rule
As above so below do what thou wilt
Shall be the whole of the law
My path chosen destiny forward into the abyss
Bypass your congregation faith within a scheme
Created by your actions forced into this dream
The shadow always welcomes me
One place I feel safe
Shelter me from this false Light
Which abandoned me to die
Track Name: Torments of a Deity
Torments of a Deity

A path of refuge
a path of gnosis
A path of solitude
a path of self

For a lifelong torment never meant to be
I've fought it since my birth
Trying to escape what was meant for me
More than mere existence on earth
Confirm this fate unconscious state
For karma now defined
I find comfort in the shadows
So in darkness I shall reside

Slumber under crimson sky's
Remorseless life destiny's collide
All colors gray
Those whom shall not seek

The weak and feeble minds
And thru their blindness
Remain ignorant to solace deep inside
I find comfort in the shadows
So in darkness is where I thrive!
Track Name: Darkest Nights Shadow
Darkest Nights Shadow
No greater the doubt than of yourself
When years of work have been wasted
To feel on the out a divided piece of one
In the deepest darkest of night
Which blocks out the sun
Alone on your path instincts guiding the way
The final occurrence to be led not astray
No movement seems needed all actions a drain
This heavy condition that weighs on my brain
All thoughts now deluded
And the words they wont come
Processing this anguish no chance now to run
A balance of forces a graduated scale of gray
Mercurial consciousness delusion begins to fade
I Seek solace in darkness I escape from this dream
Insanity calls me all alone as I scream
The blackest of blacks the darkest of night
No stars above you lost sense of sight
Description seems futile
When the words they won't come
So dark in the mind how can they be shown
Completely lost the sense of direction
Like a blow to the bridge of the nose
As I look forward goal now in my sights
Pure will surging me onward
I will stand and fight
Duality’s condition will save me from myself
A black art tradition the serpents reflection
The blackest of blacks the darkest of night
No stars above you no sense of light
Description seems futile
The thoughts they won't come
So deep in my mind I can't see the sun

Track Name: Ravens Eye
Ravens Eye
I can see the strife Through the ravens eye
Miles in the sky Where the white goes by
And no one knows and no one sees
Haven't you ever wondered
The things pulled asunder
What we do to each other
What we do to each other
Life above mankind
Above the blind tenacity
Man set against man till bitter end
No empathy no empathy
Track Name: Thonian Horde
Thonian Horde

Scorch the earth
leave none alive
Frozen with fear
a mass genocide
Thonian Horde we are those who dwell below
Wretched and torn vial exsistence all we know
Ascension calls
beckons to thee
This world shall fall
in piety
Without escape
pain in their eyes
Up from below
a quick demise
A space between reality’s
For years oppressed
You soon shall see
we rise above
From far below your feet
Our minds obsessed
revenge destroy defeat
Thonian Horde we are those from far below
Diseased when born
Your exsistence now disowned
Weapons for war
deep in the mind
Shatter all faith
slowly you'll die

Track Name: Fathoms (A dedication to J Nötveidt )
Track Name: Psychonaut
Begin this journey without distraction
Another defect to be found
Upon the astral plane of psyche
Subjective reality's abound
This is what keeps me alive
With in the poisons of this world
Secrets they lye so deep inside
But through the ritual now unfurled
Just one place to see what we are made of
Our travels begin when all is calm
Not the slightest movement of the body
Our consciousness takes us where we belong
I can see the places I have never been
And things that are yet to be
Come join the journey deep within
A psychonaut upon the endless Seas
And now you feel your heart rate plummet
Everything around you slows
And as you leave your earthly body
You'll see now what's rarely shown
Objective thoughts are soon diminished
Sub consciousness assumes control
And as you step aboard the platform
Untie the knot and just let go
We will meet again in time my friend
If I never say goodbye my friend
Upon the astral plane within
We'll ride the fire once again
We'll ride the fire once again